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Closed Home Conditions

Please review and follow the instructions below to help ensure a smooth testing process and accurate results.

For reliable test results, Radon Runner requires that that the following closed home conditions are met starting at least 12 hours prior to the test and sustained throughout the testing period


All windows on all floors must remain closed during testing. Exterior doors must be kept closed except for momentary entry and exit.


Any ceiling fans, portable dehumidifiers, portable humidifiers cannot be operated within 20 feet of the radon monitor.


The radon monitor cannot be moved, covered, or tampered with in any way.


High volume, whole-house, and window fans shall not be operated. Fireplaces or wood stoves shall not be operated unless they are a primary heat source.


Heating & air conditioning (including permanently installed heat recovery ventilators) should operate normally. Window unit air conditioners shall operate only in the re-circulation mode.

The EPA recommends that radon measurements conducted for real estate transactions be performed using tamper detection techniques. The Continuous Radon Monitor detects temperature, humidity, and has motions sensors. If the monitor is moved or touched it will be reflected in the final report. If there are any windows open when the monitor is retrieved it will be noted in the final report. Any evidence of tampering will be communicated to all parties. Retesting will incur additional charges requiring upfront payment.

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