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About Us

Radon Runner has been servicing the Greater Kansas City area for over 9 years. Our team is dedicated to getting you thorough, accurate reports in a timely manner. 


Our Story

Owners Jeff & Taylor Yacos

Jeff and Taylor Yacos purchased Radon Runner in November 2022. Jeff manages Business Development while Taylor manages Business Operations. Both were born and raised in Kansas City and both take pride in all that Kansas City has to offer, including being die hard Chiefs fans! Jeff started his entrepreneurial career owning a landscaping business and has since moved on to leading a successful real estate team. Jeff always aspired to be involved in radon testing and saw Radon Runner as a great opportunity for the family; something with a connection to real estate but without competing interests.


Taylor is an Account Director for a pharmaceutical advertising agency. While Taylor started off as a supportive wife to Jeff in the Radon Runner business endeavor, Taylor became the machine behind revamping and automating all Radon Runner operations from initial scheduling to daily routing through to invoicing. Jeff and Taylor welcomed their daughter, Sloan, in March 2022 and their son, Jack, in March 2023. They also have 3 dogs! Jeff and Taylor's lives are busy, fast and furious but they wouldn't have it any other way!

Meet The Team

Our Lead Radon Technician, Austin Bergeron, has been with for Radon Runner for 5 years.

Austin graduated from KSU with a degree in Grain Science in 2015. He currently lives in Lenexa with his wife and their 2 dogs. He enjoys being active and is part of weekly volleyball and pickleball leagues. He also has a goal to visit all of the National Parks in the United States and has made it to about half of them so far.

We call Austin the Radon Runner "OG" and are so grateful for all the experience he brings to the team!

Haley has several years of experience running her family’s local chimney business, Chimney Medic. Haley has a passion for helping small businesses grow and become more efficient, while maintaining a family-owned, customer-friendly atmosphere.

KC born and raised, Haley now lives in Shawnee with her husband, Trevor, and their three boys. Their oldest, Oliver, is eight. They also have two toddlers; Carter, who is two, and Graham, who is one. Trevor and Haley spend most of their free time chasing toddlers, breaking up fights between three growing boys, and spending weekends at the ballfields cheering their oldest son on.

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