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Is your home healthy? 

Did you know that within our geographic area, approximately one-third of residences exhibit elevated levels of Radon? Radon gas poses a significant health hazard, often underestimated. This carcinogenic substance can surreptitiously permeate homes and commercial spaces, evading detection and causing enduring health complications.

At Radon Runner, we take pride in delivering thorough radon inspection services designed to enlighten our clients about this latent threat. Our expert teams leverage cutting-edge equipment to meticulously measure radon concentrations and pinpoint areas of potential concern, ensuring the provision of precise and dependable results.

Your Kansas City Radon Testing Contractor for Over 9 Years

Why Choose Radon Runner?

Radon Runner tests over 300 homes per month for inspectors, realtors, and homeowners. We pride ourselves on efficiency, communication, and reliability.  All of our monitors are annually calibrated given proven results. 

Radon testing easy as

Initiate your test effortlessly by placing an order through our website form, and leave the rest to us! We dispatch the test once it's initiated, and you can expect the results conveniently delivered straight to your inbox upon pickup.

Accurate and Reliable Results

Professionally trained and industry-certified Radon Technicians adhere to rigorous standards to ensure accurate measurement results while maintaining the highest quality in radon testing.

We Provide Residential Radon Testing for

Satisfied Customers

“Radon Runner is one of our most trusted partners and the only vendor we suggest to our clients when testing for radon in their soon to be dream home. Radon Runners employees are friendly, honest and knowledgeable.”

Jeremy A.

“Radon Runner worked with us to re-test our house and determined that the levels were pretty high and that we'd need to get a mitigation system installed. They were terrific to work with."

Greg V.

“Radon Runner rules! Clear communication. Fast. Great price. Easy to read reports. They are the only company I use for all my radon tests.. The owners run this small business very well and treat each customer like they are their only customer.”

Kyle B.

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